Exclusive Gifts

Designing a unique gift for people who have it all

We were approached by our client, Lucara Diamond, to create a gift package for a series of exclusive cocktail receptions held at five world-class cities to introduce Lesedi La Rona (“Our Light”), the second largest diamond ever discovered. 

We knew this had to be something beyond the traditional ‘gift bag’—something that talked to both the Canadian roots of our client and paid tribute to Botswana, where the diamond was discovered.

Our solution was to design and fabricate commemorative medallions using a unique technique of engraving artwork through the black patina on mild steel.

The shape of the medallion derives from traditional African shields—denoting strength—and is taken directly from the coat of arms of Botswana. One side features the word “Pula” and raindrops. As well as being a national motto of Botswana and the name of the national currency, “Pula” means rain in Tswana, which symbolizes abundance, good fortune and health.

The other side includes the word mark we designed to brand the stone, a maple leaf to signify the working links between the Canadian company and Botswana, and a starburst, part of the Lucara logo, that resembles a fragment of diamond and represents life-giving sunlight.

The medallions were presented to guests in small, hand-woven baskets from Botswana. A memorable gift for a memorable occasion.


Custom tie

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